Norman Stewart

Nicotine Mentality (Caught in the Trope)

Collection of Norman's published and unpublished works from his first 30 years of writing poetry under his own name. 
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Acrostic Mirrors      this is the first edition
Fifty poems written and published to prove the viability of a new form of sonnet invented in the early to mid eighties by Norman.  This form of sonnet is called 'acrostic mirrors' .  since the publishing of Acrostic Mirrors and it's earlier manifestation "Up to Down and Sideways Sonnets" the term Acrostic Mirror has begun to be widely used to mean a poem with the same single letter acrostic down the first and last letters of each line, which is NOT the Acrostic Mirrors you see here.

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Works in Progress
a second edition of Nicotine Mentality (Caught in the Trope)

The completion of the trilogy autobiographical novel "A Right of Passage" with its books "Leftovers", "The Barefoot Butler", and "King Chaos",  which you can see transformed and shaped on

"The History and Plays of the Theater of Necessity"   blog of history articles

                                                 "Singing Songs and Musicals"  The compilation of songs written                                                  by Norman Stewart over the years   

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