Norman Stewart
About (Biography)

Born in Chicago and raised in  Switzerland, Germany, Warwick, Rhode Island, Norwalk, Connecticut, Norman flunked out of Washington University in St. Louis three or four times and attended Webster College, Norwalk Community College, Houston Community College, San Jacinto College, and The University of Houston during his 19 years (so far) of post secondary education.  He loves his George, who has been with him since he was 23.

He achieved his goal of becoming a well-known poet before bringing out other writings and works.  He quotes himself  "I'm famous. I just wish sometimes a few more people knew about it"  He published "Nicotine Mentality (Caught in the Trope) as a collection of his poems to that point. 

Up to Down and Sideways Sonnets which became Acrostic Mirrors was a real breakthrough for Norman, giving him not only his own voice, but his own poetic form, a new type of sonnet.

Norman is a professional stage director, and member of the Stage Directors' and Choreographers' Society, having directed many stage plays before concentrating for the last few years on directing movies.

A prolific song-writer, you can hear his songs in more than 7 musicals.

His First novel, Leftovers, was picked up by a relatively large imprint which was subsequently bought by an even larger imprint to obtain a best seller, with all other projects abandoned.

 As publisher of the famous/infamous serial magazine "The Strain: The World's Premier Interactive Arts Magazine he pioneered the truly interactive art  serial for many types of fine and multimedia arts and was named by the Writer's Digest Books organization as one of the top 10 best places to publish poetry in the English-speaking world.  Look for an online version of The Strain very soon.

 Norman co-founded The Theater of Necessity in Houston, Texas and several other arts organizations.

Norman has also given his time as a teacher in the arts, music, writing, drama and started The Stewart School several years ago.

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